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Teaching Tips

We release weekly videos with our favourite tips and tricks to help dancers understand how to navigate their anatomy and apply corrections most efficiently. The goal is to provide teachers with new verbal cues to assist dancers who may not fully understand the "how" in applying their corrections. We hope these videos spark inspiration and help teachers come up with innovative ways to help their students apply the technique.

We also release videos once a month interviewing other teachers to get a fresh perspective. We have come up with Teaching methods that work for us, but they may not work for everyone. We are passionate about engaging with teachers across the globe who we think have valuable insight to provide for the highland community and also can help us continue to grow as mentors for our students.

Let's be honest, practicing to bagpipes isn't always the most motivating. On our Instagram page, you will find posts with all our favourite practice playlists. We select songs that are appropriate tempos for each dance to give your students that extra motivation to push through those full dances!

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